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Please excuse our appearance, and we apologize for any confusion.  We are in the midst of a company LOGO Change and Business upgrades, including a new website and New Trucks.

  Special thanks to all of our

customers who helped make our continued success possible !

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Donate - Of course you can always donate your unwanted stuff to Goodwill or Salvation Army ,Goodwill does not pick up anymore, you can drop your stuff off, check the link below for locations. Salvation Army Picks up, but Beware and please understand they have become very sensitive about what they will remove , your old furniture MUST be in good condition or they will NOT take it for free. check the links below to be directed to a local donation center.

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Connecticut Junk Removal Barters! We are currently looking for someone who can help build us a new web site, we can offer our junk removal and handyman, mechanic and hauling services in return.

​or ask about a FREE Dumpster Rental !

Place A Free AD On Craigslist, many people do this and have success in getting rid of there old junk, we use craigslist also, but beware its not for everyone, LOTS of people will show up at your house banging on your door day and night looking for free junk.


Thank you for visiting our FREE stuff page and have a great day!!

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Connecticut Junk Removal LLC Gives away FREE Stuff, we are always giving away stuff, we try to repurpose, donate reuse and recycle things people no longer need or want, here is some FREE Stuff we curently have,  click here for our listing of Free items we are currently giving away, please feel free to check back here anytime to see our updated free stuff page,

This is also a great place to be a part of getting and giving unwanted stuff.

Here are Several Ways you can get rid of your junk for Free !

Welcome to our Free Stuff Page !!

Call Connecticut Junk Removal ! we can help you!

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This halloween cleanout we did was a goof, the customer had a crazy full sized Goul that we ended up giving away for FREE !

Connecticut Junk Removal LLC is spring cleaning!! we will be cleaning out our Warehouse in Norwalk CT On July 27, 2019 LOTS OF FREE STUFF! Click here for more info

Connecticut Junk Removal LLC

Here at Connecticut Junk Removal LLC we are committed to giving back to the communities in Fairfield County. After many years in this business we have connected with lots of people and organizations that will accept & repurpose, reuse and recycle old stuff and unwanted items.

  WE also recycle, Donate  and repurpose stuff that people throw away, our family has been recycling & repurposing old stuff for generations, its built in to our DNA !

If you are unable to pay for Junk Removal Service and are experiencing Financial hardship, please consider the options below.

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